The peers are finally travelling!

We are happy to announce that the first mobility of peers is currently happening in Cabo Verde and it is already a major success

A very important phase of the project is the mobility of peers. It is the moment when the teachers and the staff of the VET centers get to meet their colleagues from the other continent and they spend some time working all together. Firstly, the European peers have to visit the African centers and do a 2-week job shadowing. After that, the African staff will go to the European centers. The pandemic had delayed the travels of the peers and the experts were the ones who had the chance to visit the African centers in person, but we can already announce that the first mobility of peers is finally happening!

Paulo (Anespo), Lorena (Escola Pia), Carina (Insignare), Sergio (EHTCV)

Carina Oliveira (Insingare), Lorena La Igelsia (Escola Pia) and Paulo Pires (Anespo) have travelled to Cabo Verde to visit EHTCV (Escola de Hotelaria e Turismo de Cabo Verde). The peers from Portugal and Spain are spending two complete weeks in the center to learn how everything works so as to have a clear idea about the VET system in Cabo Verde. The best way of doing this is being immersed in the real routine of the students, the teachers and the staff of EHTCV and that is exactly what they are doing!

EHTCV is a VET center located in Praia and completely dedicated to train their students in the field of tourism. The center gives the opportunity to the students to learn by doing as if they were in a real restaurant or hotel. The facilities of the center are perfect for that. For example, you can find a real restaurant open to the public! This way of learning is a success: the rate of employability in EHTCV is over 70-80%.

Sergio Sequeira and the rest of the EHTCV team have incredibly welcomed the peers from the very first day. Carina, Lorena and Paulo are following an agenda full of working meetings and visits but they are also enjoying their time in Cabo Verde with informal activities.

Among those working sessions, they have had pedagogical meetings. For instance, the second day of their mobility, they met Vandira Mendes, Pegadogical Coordinator of the School. As the centers of our peers in Europe are also very focused on tourism, they enjoyed touring around the EHTCV center, seeing all the facilities and meeting the students and the staff. They also visited CERMI (Centro de Energias Renováveis e Manutenção Industrial), another VET center.

Besides, in EHTCV they are conmemorating the 10th-year anniversary! The peers and the center staff held a celebration wearing special T-shirts for the ocassion and they also went on a 10-km hike!

After months of working together remotely, this mobility is also a personal reward for all of them because it has allowed them to be together in person for two weeks. Besides working a lot, they are also having some time to discover the country, its hidden gems, its culture and its wonderful people!

If you want to read more about EHTCV, you can read the travel diary of our experts that visited the center back in April by clicking here.

Cabo Verde (Travel Diary)

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