SAAM celebrates the Africa Day 2022!

For the Africa Day, SAAM launches a campaign to summarize the experience of the peer and expert mobilities and a video where many SAAM partners congratulate this special day

Yesterday, May 25th, it was the Africa Day. Africa is the geographical half of the project and obviously in SAAM we had to celebrate it! Thanks to each phase of the project, we are discovering more about this amazing continent. When we say “Africa”, we refer to much more than a place… We refer to more than 50 countries, with so much history, culture and traditions and where more than 1,500 languages ​​and dialects are spoken. In SAAM, we are lucky enough to have 16 of those countries in our project. With the excuse of this celebration, we wanted to say THANK YOU, AFRICA!

SAAM, a learning and cultural experience

This video summarizes the experience of the experts and peers traveling. SAAM is more than a formative project, it is a bridge between two continents, a different way of learning and empowering and community building.


Happy Day, Africa!

As if Africa was a person to congratulate for everything that brings us, the SAAM partners have shared many videos where they say “Happy Day, Africa!” in many of the project languages.



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