New experts on-site travel diary is out. This time in Cameroon!

From the 13th to the 25th of March, our mobility experts travelled again to Africa. This time, Hugo Fernández and Sergio Lagarde were in Cameroon and there, they visited two SAAM partners: Institut Technique Don Bosco Ebolowa and CFPJ de Baré.

Although we have managed to continue our activity during lockdown, when travelling was restricted, thanks to our online methodology The Voyage, there is nothing like discovering a country in person and meeting our African partners face to face.

Hugo and Sergio were first in Ebolowa, where they had the chance to meet the team of the Institut Technique Don Bosco, enjoying a Doors Open Day where the VET students from the different sectors explained their projects, visiting several companies that receive students or discovering the National Employment Fund. Joining Don Bosco’s community for several days was an amazing experience and both experts felt very welcomed.

After some days in Ebolowa, Hugo and Sergio travelled to Baré. In this city, they met the PROCEFFA team and got to know a lot of information about the platform. From the first day, the Baré VET centre team was ready to meet them and start working. Our experts presented SAAM in detail and they had the opportunity to listen the partner’s presentations. They had a lot of meetings with the teachers and also the students and they also visited several companies. As in Ebolowa, our boys feel very grateful for everything our partners showed them and beacause they were all very welcoming.

Besides all this work, Hugo and Sergio had a great experience knowing more about the culture in Cameroon. They discovered wonderful places and landscapes and, obviously, their tasty food! You can learn a lot more by following us on social media and reading the full diary that you can find below.

Cameroon Travel Diary


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